Offer the cloud to all your keys

The solution for shared or isolated spaces

Echoing the boom in shared spaces, whether they be working or leisure (tennis courts, collaborative gardens, associative premises, etc.), but also responding to the difficulties of accessing isolated sites such as water towers, Neop is the answer.

Users get their ephemeral access code on the spot, via their mobile phone, SMS or even the mobile application, which becomes a real key ring. It is also possible to offer badges to regular users.

Neop simplifies your life

Neop, because it works by SMS or via the mobile application is an electronic lock compatible with 100% of mobiles, and 100% of the users own a phone (Braille keys, backlight and installed at 1m40 of the ground ).

With Neop, everything is simple. No need to know who has the keys, to check the schedules, the platform manages everything. The access codes are different for each user and you can follow them (know where and when they are entered).

With Neop, you save time and ensure the safety of your spaces and users.

Neop offer

1 Neop gateNeop box
1 LIcenceExtended use
1 SMS packTo renew

The Neop offer is unique and simple. By equipping you with a Neop Gate, you access a subscription allowing you to use Neop autonomously. You have a basket of SMS that is shared to all your Gates, which you reload at your own pace.

Neop is an access control box coupled with a management platform. It works by module / tool, which are sized according to customer needs.

We offer you different tools:

Sending SMS : each user can obtain their access code via SMS

Visible guest codes : you can share your guests access codes directly by your own means

Invitations : you can invite people in your spaces

Planning : you can plan your guests weeks in advance

Traceability : you can know at any time that entered and in which space

Schedule group : you can create user groups and assign them to constant schedules, valid each week

Neop, besides being an economical solution, is also a practical solution that allows the simplification of the management of shared and / or isolated spaces.

You are an installer ?

You are an installer, contact Onegates to become a partner and equip Neop with your customers

I access my space


Each door equipped with a Neop box (via striker, suction cup) will identify the users by the access code obtained or the badge.


The Neop platform is accessible from any device to track access. You know who came in, where and when.


The user has two ways of obtaining his access code: either by SMS or by the application Neop. In both cases, he receives it immediately. The code is valid for the schedule that has been defined for this user.

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